you know what is fucking irritating? when rappers say about Beenzino that he’s famous cuz of his female fans or when Swings said Giriboy is good looking so he’s popular among girls. or when they say that idk Iron looks like a model so he’s was a threat in smtm, u know girls would vote for him. like literally everyone who says shit like that go fuck yourself. it’s dismissing woman and seeing them as less valuable supporter. like ‘u know i’m famous but not only among girls’ GOOD, GOOD FOR YOU GO AND FUCKING MARRY ALL THOSE BOYS THAT SQUEAL WHEN U GO ON STAGE. when girls like something or someone it is made into something less valuable and trivial but the truth is that all those rappers i used as example are very good and some ppl hate to admit that and prefer ridiculing their success into something ‘girls like’ cuz than it doesn’t seem like something important. like literally if he sold out what difference does it make if girls filled the audience or boys if girls bought the album or boys like? ? ?? ? i remember seeing some post about how ‘just cuz Zino is popular among girl fans doesn’t make him the best out there’ and like????? so what does?? like how u gon measure his fame? u gon cut a piece off that cuz u know those r silly girls that like him so it doesn’t count as much??? GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE

SM officially denied that EXO is having a comeback this month.


(Source: exo-kr)

Taehyung talking about boobs
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